Stretch tents

Inspired by the original Bedouin tents of North Africa, stretch tents are the contemporary alternative for your event or location.

Stretch tents give you all the benefits of a fluid tension structure. Extremely versatile, they go in places other tents can’t cover and they flex around pretty much all existing buildings and garden architecture to provide you a stunning tent cover.

Their organic membranes breathe while providing you with all weather protection. For semi-permanent venues they don’t require a building authorisation as they don’t have a predefined heavy structure. The shapes are created by the poles tensioning the membrane.

Stretch tents are produced in South Africa by leading manufacturer Tentickle. They can be branded during the manufacturing stage and guarantee amazing light projections on their cover. They also come with a creative range of stretch decor.

Stretch tents are available in different sizes and colours for sale and rental.

Ideal for
Semi-permanent terrace, bar and lounge covers | High impact special events | Stage covers | Road shows | Media events | Impact areas at larger festivals and shows | Corporate sponsorships (branded tents) | garden and building architecture | beach tents