Dome tents

Our dome tents are unique, creative spaces that have unlimited uses from temporary event spaces to permanent eco-venues.

They give you the opportunity to visually communicate your ideas through projections and branding solutions, as well as the mobility and feasibility of a year-round outdoor solution.

Unlike traditional tents that provide a space in which to host an event, the domes become the life of the event! Just being inside one feels good!

Dome tents are also a safe and eco-friendly tent alternative. They are the strongest architectural shape known to man and come with extreme weather membranes, thus ensuring durability and safety for your investment. They are friendly on the environment, as they use a minimum quantity of materials to cover large areas and their membranes come with a green certificate of production. As with all our tents, transporting them does not require a TIR.

Produced by leading global manufacturer Pacific Domes, they come in a variety of sizes and membranes.

Available for rentals and sales.

Ideal for
corporate events | multimedia domes | performing arts | sporting events | roof top lounges | mobile showrooms and shops | cinema and entertainment venues | permanent event spaces | winter domes | festivals | eco - retreats | luxury camping | yoga domes | garden domes