transforming outdoor spaces with unique tent architecture

Welcome to TentEvent,

If you're visiting our website, then you're probably wanting to rent or buy a tent for a special event. Perhaps you are looking for an innovative idea for your party, corporate event or wedding; no matter what it is we can help you to make it memorable.

Our tents are:


Easy transport and quick set up mean less cost and more time for you to organize your event. Our Marquees, including floors, furniture, lighting and heating can be set up in a few hours.
Our innovative Tent Park, consisting of 500 square metres of professional tents: Domes, Marquees and Stretch tents, can be set up within a day. Tent rental with us saves you time and money.


Our unique design features mean that our structures go in places other tents can't. We can set them up in all sorts of locations, events and unusual venues both indoor to outdoor. You can have tents for your event, on grass or gravel, at festivals or in forests, beaches or BBQ's and everything in between... no matter what, we have the solution for you. It has never been easier to give life to your imagination through renting tents.


Not only are our team a likeable and friendly bunch but our tents are eco-friendly too. We don't use huge trucks to transport our products and because of our fast set up times we leave a tiny carbon foot print at every event we do. We care about the environment and are proud of our green credentials.